Complete Photo List

Each photo can be uniquely identified by the film roll letter, A or B, and the picture number on the roll. The list is in chronological order. Click on the number to see each photo. After viewing each photo, use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the list.

Saturday Morning

A01 Bob Handloff
A02 Joyce and Neil Gordon
A03 John Rudy
A04 John Rudy
A05 Gary Rogoff
A06 Phil Barnett, Bob Handloff
A07 Josh Smith
A09 Bob Handloff
A10 Larry Paley
A11 Joni, Amy, Neil / Ellin, Janie, Phil, Linda, Mike
A12 Joni, Amy, Neil, Larry / Ellin, Janie, Phil, Linda, Mike / Bob
A13 Stan Friedland
A14 Ginger Rosenberg, Phil Barnett
A15 Ginger Rosenberg, Phil Barnett
A16 Phil, Joni, Ginger, Janie, Neil
A17 Amy Stone
A18 Ginger Rosenberg
A19 Ginger Rosenberg, Linda Greenberg
A20 Ginger Rosenberg, Linda Greenberg / Phil Barnett
A21 Phyllis Krakauer
A22 Group photo, shortly after arrival
A23 Smaller groups, shortly after arrival

Saturday Afternoon

A24 Lunch
A25 Ed Grossman, Bob Hill
A26 Mike Fleming, Phyllis Krakauer, Johnny Baker
A27 Betsy Baker, Alice Krakauer, Johnny Baker
A29 Neil Gordon, Leslie Libow, Stan Friedland
A30 Doris Wimpfheimer Finkel, Sue Rosenfeld, David Finkel

Meeting Speakers

A31 Phil Barnett
A32 Ed Trenner
A34 Larry Paley
A35 Johnny Baker
A36 Katie Treadwell

Saturday Evening

B01 The band
B02 The campfire
B03 Around the campfire

Sunday Morning: Hidden Breakfast

B07 Sue Rosenfeld snapping a photo
B08 Sue Rosenfeld
B10 Campfire circle and lake
B11 Hidden Breakfast being served
B12 Group at hidden breakfast
B14 Larry, Joni, Ellin, Bob / Ginger, Neil, Josh, Amy, Mike, Phil
B15 John and Betsy Baker
B16 Josh and Bob Hill

Sunday Afternoon

B17 Sunday Lunch
B19 Pam Slipyan
B20 Joni, Ellin, Ginger
B21 Amy, Janie, Fred Sillman
B22 Alice Krakauer, Debbie Rosenberg
B24 Alice goes off "The Deep End" with Stan Friedland

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