Camp Robinson Crusoe map

The following map of the camp land was made by Nils Frederiksen, for a camp brochure. See below the map for a key to the numbers.

Map of Camp Robinson Crusoe
1. Camp office
2. Campers' post office
3. Main house / dining room
4. Infirmary
5. Staff house / Canteen
6. Arts & crafts shop
7. Campers' cabins
8. Recreation hall
9. Nature Laboratory
10. Athletic field
11. Parking
12. Lumber yard
13. Mallard pond
14. Pickerel pond
15. Swimming beach
16. Trout pond
17. Squantum pond
18. Squantum field
19. Primitive camp
20. Canoe landing field
21. To Old Sturbridge Village
22. To Old Sturbridge Village
23. Old Pogus Village
24. Seven ridges
25. To Lead Mine Mountain
26. Grist Mill pond
27. Grist Mill Falls
28. Colonial mill village
29. Settlers' field
30. Cannon brook
31. Hamant brook

Although the existance of "seven ridges" between the camp and Leadmine Road was an article of faith among the campers, the depiction of the ridges in the above map seems to be rather an approximation. Below, a topographic map of the area from 1952. The "ridges" don't really seem to be so well defined:

Topographic map of the CRC land
This map can be found at

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