Some photos of Camp Robinson Crusoe
All the photos on this page are courtesy of Ditte Frederiksen McNeil.

The main house, seen below, was attached to a greenhouse, which the camp used as a dining room. It's shown below in 1936.

The main house in 1936

The aerial view of the two main-camp lakes, shown below, was printed in a camp brochure. the lakes were created by damming the Hamant Brook:

An aerial view of the lakes

The southern-most lake (on the left in the photo above) was named "Mallard Pond", but was mostly referred to as the "boating lake". The picture below, taken from the dam, shows two "Lake Camp" bunks along the shore.

The boating lake

The northern-most lake (on the right in the aerial photo) was named "Pickerel Pond", but we called it the "swimming lake". In the photo, you can see the swimming docks, and the lines delineating the areas for swimmers of various skill levels. There are also three sailboats in the lake. I'm not sure what year this picture was taken, but when I was at the camp, boats were generally confined to the boating lake.

The swimming lake

Here's a closer shot of a camp swim. The wooden docks surrounded a shallow area called the "crib", which was for non-swimmers. There were two swims a day for all groups, morning and afternoon.

A camp swim in progress

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