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Close to 200 of us spent the weekend at Camp Taconic. Let them describe it:

It was a fantastic experience for me, recalling old happy times, being reminded of events I had forgotten (and thereby reliving them), renewing old friendships, and making new friendships with the same people as well, because in some ways we are all different. Relationships are easier now, freed of that adolescent angst. I was very happy to have participated.

Larry Krakauer

All of the best superlatives have been used ! Needless to say you have our thanks and gratitude for organizing such a spectacular weekend.

Bernice & Larry Paley

It was such an incredible event and one I believe most everyone who attended will hold close to their hearts for a long time; I certainly will.

Carol Weiss

What a sensational weekend. Everyone arrived carrying a Big Red truckload of expectations and memories and somehow the present and past blended into a terrific couple of days. Bobby, Donna and David thought of everything.

Ellen Greene

The weekend surpassed even my wildest expecations! I now understand so much more about how it came to be that Camp meant so much to me in my life, and loved finding that others feel this way too. I am reviewing the information sheets that people filled out at dinner Saturday night. Two notable quotes from the "comments" section: "This was better than any drugs I've done"...."Crusoe was my survival. My entire year was focused on those two summer months. I do not even want to contemplate what my life would have been like without Robinson Crusoe". . . and EVERYBODY profusely thanked the Reunion Commitee!!!

Ellin Kramon

Didn't manage to say good-bye and thank-you for organizing the reunion. It was fantastic!

Sandy Vershbow

Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend. I came back glowing from the meetings with people. Congratulations on finding such a great location too. I appreciated all the little details like the lollypop and the ring and the weather. What fun!

Ellen Fineberg

It couldn't have been better.

Dan Weissman

I don't know if you're down from the high of last weekend, but you and your crew deserve to stay "afloat" indefinitely. I'm just sorry I didn't find you Saturday night before I left. What a truly amazing event!!! It obviously meant so much to so many and our little 40's-50's clan was happy beyond measure. I can't believe how hard you must have worked to pull off such a wonderful time for all. Thank you, thank you. Picking up on 46 years was joyous and our little group of bunk-members just had so much fun. I'm thrilled that I got to see people who meant so much in my life--bunkmates, Eddie Trenner, Bob Gruder, Phil Glatstein, the Paleys, Grossmans, Ned Freeman, + 2 old boyfriends! Absolutely the best experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pat Osander

To All of You -- It was great to see you. Going to a reunion like that took a little bit of courage (or suspension of disbelief); once we were there it was a surprisingly cozy time warp, but very real. I loved the dancing Saturday night. Great group spirit!

Ellen Mosen James

Thanks for all your hard worked!

Carl Marbach

It was a fabulous weekend. Who knew what we would grow-up to become? We are an interesting (and nice) group of people and I'm glad I had the chance to find out. Thanks for the nudge.

Carol Wolchok

Really a mitzvah!! I'm delighted for us and for you that the weekend was so successful! Certainly, the culmination of so much work and it came to such a wonderful realization. Even the weather, with an early in the week dreadful forecast, turned out great! The fates were smiling upon us. Again, my great appreciation to you and to David & Donna. Please convey my sentiments to them, and, oh yeah, your wonderful assistant, Zack Handloff. He "done good"! Be well.

Stan Friedland

I had a wonderful time, and youse guys are responsible. Well Done!

Steve Bromberg

What an amazing weekend, eh? It was a very special time. That is for sure!!! I have lots of wonderful memories from last weekend and am so glad I went! It was great! Thank you again. I had never realized how much Robinson Crusoe had been such a big part of so many peoples' lives; how nice that we all got to share that experience!!! The testimonies people gave were so touching; it was beautiful!!

Sue Levin

'Twas a reunion to end them all!

Judy Hellerstein

I just read some of the comments recently posted. I agree with the sentiments and feelings. As we were young when we attended and did not continue on as counselors, much of the shared memories shed insight into our collective experiences beyond that which the individual is able to remember her or himself. How much of the values that we hold were enhanced and reinforced by our activities at CRC. And this was a good thing. Meeting those of our age, and those who we never met, made for a full weekend and a great time. Many thanks.

Kathy Taylor

It was a pleasure, an act of love putting this together for such a wonderfully gracious and appreciative group of people. It's clear that those who came were predisposed to find the experience rewarding, and it was. For providing the opportunity, thanks.

Bob Handloff

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