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How to send me e-mail

My e-mail address is:

I'm presenting it to you as a graphic, so if you want to send me a message, you'll have to type the address in to the "To:" line yourself. Sorry to put you to that trouble, but I'm trying to foil automatic programs that crawl through web pages looking for e-mail addresses they can send spam to.

Why do I have an MIT e-mail address?

I left MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shortly after receiving my doctorate in June 1970. Why, then, do I have an e-mail address at MIT?

The MIT Alumni Association offers MIT Alumni/ae e-mail forwarding for life. Messages sent to the address given above are automatically forwarded to my actual e-mail address. The advantage for me is that I can give out the above address knowing that I will always be able to be reached there. It is permanent.

If I change my Internet Service Provider ("ISP"), I just change the forwarding address at MIT, and the MIT address remains valid. In fact, that has already happened three times. The only disadvantage of the forwarding is an occasional slight delay in forwarding messages.

Why does MIT offer me this service for free? Simple: they will always have a valid e-mail address they can use to reach me (and to hit me up for contributions).

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