About the CRC web site, and about me

About the CRC web site

These pages originated on August 30, 1999, with color photos of the reunion held at Camp Taconic in the Berkshires August 28 and 29. Back in 1999, these photos were taken with a conventional 35mm film camera. I dropped the film to be developed on the way back home from the reunion, and included in the order a CD-ROM of the scanned photos. I picked them up and posted the photos the next day.

Since then, the site has grown helter-skelter, as I added additional material from time to time. The (reverse) chronological details can be seen on a separate page showing all the updates that I've made.

Some time around 1998 or 1999, to build a camp website, former camper Donna Lewis bought the URL "camprobinsoncrusoe.com". But don't use that URL! In July of 2011, having not had the time to update her pages in quite some time, Donna asked if anyone would be willing to take them over, and I volunteered. On January 30, 2012, I finally got around to transferring most of the contents of her pages to mine. In late 2013, Donna allowed that URL to lapse, and I wasn't fast enough to have it tranferred to me.

So on April 7, 2014, I bought the URL camprobinsoncrusoe.org, and that's where these pages can now be found. To maintain any old bookmarks and links that may be hanging around, the pages can also still be seen at their original URL, http://LJKrakauer.com/CRC99ph/.

Since the camp closed in 1970, and is no longer a going concern, the switch from a .com to a .org site is probably appropriate. By the way, much of the original design and implementation of Donna's pages was done by Bob Handloff's son Mark.

Donna also created a Camp Robinson Crusoe Facebook page, and made me a co-administrator. If you're on Facebook, you might want to take a look at it. It's open to the public to read, but if you want to post on it, you have to join (Donna or I will approve your membership).

About me

Larry circa 1955   Larry in 2009
Larry in 1955   Larry in 2009

I am Lawrence J. Krakauer. I first attended Camp Robinson Crusoe as an Intermediate boy in 1952, and remained a camper through 1957, when I was in Trout Pond Primitive. I subsequently became a Trainee and a Forester (two stages of counselor in training) in 1958 and 1959. Camp Robinson Crusoe was an important experience for me, partly because it was accepting of individual differences. I was a cerebral, very non-athletic kid in a group that was fixated on baseball, but nevetheless I felt myself part of the group (this was in no small measure due to the efforts of head counselor Larry Paley).

In these pages, "CRC" stands for Camp Robinson Crusoe, of course. I must confess that as an engineer, those initials came to mean other things to me. In my college days, they evoked the "CRC Tables", a hardbound book of mathematical tables produced by the Chemical Rubber Company. Later, when I worked in the field of Data Communications, it came to stand for "Cyclic Redundancy Check". "What is that?" I hear you cry. Don't ask.

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