Camp Robinson Crusoe

Boating lake, 1999 (click to enlarge) Camp Robinson Crusoe
Founded in 1929 by Josh and Leah Lieberman

Camp Robinson Crusoe was an innovative summer camp which operated from 1932 through 1969 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts (USA).

Photo by Danny Weissman, August, 1999.
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The grand premiere of Bruce Butcher's
documentary on Camp Robinson Crusoe
was held at Old Sturbridge Village on April 5, 2014.

It was followed by a celebratory dinner enjoyed by 140 ex-campers and guests.
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About Camp Robinson Crusoe, its history and its founders
Photos and stories from the camp
Past reunions of former campers
The camp land in more recent times
About this web site

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About Camp Robinson Crusoe, its history and its founders:
        About the camp, Josh and Leah Lieberman, and more, with photos
        More on Josh and Leah, with photos
        Bob Hill
        Nancy and Nils Frederiksen
        What was your "group" at CRC? (Identifying your camp cohort)
        Click here for a map of the camp land in Sturbridge
        Was Robinson Crusoe the world's first "Computer Camp"?
        The gong on the CRC lawn, in winter

Photos and stories from the camp:
        Photos from the original camp in Maine
        Photos from the camp in Sturbridge
        See my photos from when I was a camper
        Read some of my camp stories
        Some photos from the 60's
        Other camp photos
        A couple of CRC postcards

Past reunions of former campers:
        The 1997 reunion at Alan Rogoff's house
        The 1999 Reunion at Camp Taconic
              Schedule of the 1999 Reunion
              Comments on the 1999 Reunion
        Proposed "Planting Weekend" in 2009 (not held)
        No Camp Reunion in 2010
        2014 Sturbridge documentary première and reunion weekend

The camp land in more recent times:
        See a satellite view of the camp's site
        Recent research on the Maine camp's location
        The camp site just prior to the 1999 Camp Taconic reunion
        A visit to the camp in July, 2006, with photos
        A follow-up visit in July, 2007, with photos
        The April 11, 2009 walk-through, with photos
        Proposal to remove the CRC lakes (current status, 4/11/09 walk-through)

Links (the following links leave the CRC pages):
        Donna Lewis's Camp Robinson Crusoe Facebook group (lots more photos).
        Larry Krakauer's home page
        Larry Krakauer's "Memoirs and musings" blog

About this web site:
        About this web site, and about me
        See a list of updates to this set of pages

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