Stories of Camp Robinson Crusoe

I started this site to display my photos of the Camp Robinson Crusoe reunion of 1999. Then I expanded it to include some of my old black and white photos from my camp years, which collection will continue to expand as I find the time to scan more of them in. Now I've also added some stories and recollections of various events that occurred to me as either a camper or a counselor in training.

Please let me know if you have enjoyed any of these stories (perhaps I should just stick to the photos). You can click here to send me e-mail. I'd also like to hear about any typos, facts I have incorrectly remembered, and so on.

Gelbie and the Chipmunk

Way Out in Left Field

The Mighty Quinebaug

The Fox Hunt

The Capture the Flag Caper

The Raccoon

Rocky Road

What a blast! (more rocks)

Sex in the Woods

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