Camp Photos 1952 - 1957

This page will be gradually augmented as I find time to work on it, but I can't promise when that will be. Why was my group called The Motleys? Click here to find out.

Group photo, Senior Boys, 1954
The Motley boys
The Motley girls - page 1
The Motley girls - page 2
The Motleys together - page 1
The Motleys together - page 2
Remembering Steve Kaplan
Remembering Lincoln Manacher (08232, 09613)
Kiss Me, Kate - Page 1
Kiss Me, Kate - Page 2
The Shanty Boys (Roger Sprung, Mike Cohen, and Lionel Kilberg) (08901)
Jon Brown gets a Shave and a Haircut (2 bits) (08221)
Bob Hill with camper Norma Pomerance (P0101)
Norma Pomerance, Phyllis Krakauer, Larry Paley (with child), Bernice Paley (P0102)
Ed and Selma Grossman (09310, 09315, 09317)
Bill Paradis (09314)
Jack Herman (09321)
Alice Krakauer and bunkmates Names? Alice center-front, Intermediates in 1954 (P0108)
Phyllis Krakauer, Norma Pomerance Group: Intermediates in 1956 (P0103)
Lanie Heller, Linda Haber, Jill Joseloff, Jackie Fein (left to right, P0111)
   Sadly, Jackie Fein was killed on a motorcycle in Bermuda on her honeymoon

Each photo is identified by a number of the form "RRRnn", where "RRR" is the roll number, and "nn" is the negative number on the roll. The roll numbers are based on some old system I used, and I'm not at all sure they are chronological. If "RRR" starts with a "P", then I only have a print, and not the negative, and prints that appear to be from the same roll are arbitrarily numbered, just to have a concise way of identifying them.

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