Larry Krakauer's Camp Robinson Crusoe Photos 1952 - 1957

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I have nearly 320 black and white negatives of pictures that I took while I was a camper, and I recently found contact sheets for all of them. These were taken between 1952, when I started as an Intermediate boy, through 1957, when I was in Trout Pond Primitive. I subsequently became a Trainee and a Forester (two stages of counselor in training) in 1958 and 1959. In 1965, I taught an 8-session course in computer programming on weekends, but I took no photos at the camp that year.

I have prints of 196 of the negatives. In addition, there are a small number of photos for which I have only prints, and no negatives at all. I brought all these to the '99 reunion, but only a limited number of people were able to see them. I hope to gradually scan some of these photos and put them up on these pages, but it's a time-consuming task. I will not be able to post all the images, and they are not all worth posting anyway. I also can't make any promises as to when I'll find the time to do this.

In early 2010, I bought a scanner capable of scanning 35mm negatives. As an example, a picture I like that I scanned from a negative, and for which I had no print, can be seen at Jon Brown gets a Shave and a Haircut (2 bits).

Other than that photo, the pictures I've posted here are all ones for which I had prints. They are just a sample of the total, and were selected largely on the basis of being decent individual or small group portraits. I had not yet developed the technique of closing in tightly for individual portraits, and many of the shots I would most like to include are taken from too far away, and don't have sufficient resolution to be scanned from a small print.

The photos overall are, of course, heavily oriented towards my own group. But even within my own group, the ones posted here are only a small sample, and don't include everyone. Ultimately, I hope to be able to post a selection that is more inclusive. Please don't read anything in to anyone's inclusion or exclusion here, as the selection is fairly random, based on the most scannable prints I had available.

Kodak 35 camera    Shown to the left is the actual Kodak 35mm camera I used as a camper to take the photos shown here. The camera was a fully manual viewfinder camera, and did not have such modern features as a built-in light meter. Actually, it had no electronics at all, and did not even require a battery. When needed, I used a separate flash attachment, with single-use flash bulbs, looking up the aperture in a table, based on the estimated distance to the subject.

I also did a lot of my own developing and printing in the camp camera lab underneath the shop. Having a dirt floor, that facility left a lot to be desired in a photo lab, which normally requires scrupulous cleanliness. That might account for the less than sterling quality of some of the prints; not to mention my own neophyte status as a photofinisher.

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