1999 Camp Robinson Crusoe Reunion Photos

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On August 28 and 29, 1999, a reunion of ex-campers of Camp Robinson Crusoe was held at Camp Taconic, in the Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts. It was largely organized by Robert Handloff.

Somewhere between 180 and 200 ex-campers attended. As I wrote to Bob Handloff, the most incredible aspect of the reunion for me was looking back on old relationships, and then re-establishing them, but from a position of maturity. I'd like to thank Bob for the incredible amount of work he put in to make the reunion happen.

I was not an official photographer for the event. I was taking the photos primarily for myself. Thus, they are very heavily weighted towards my own camp group, sometimes called "The Motleys". Where there are group photos of that group, only first names are shown. Click here for the full names. The Motleys were "Super Seniors" in 1955.

The version posted is low resolution. For each picture, I have a digital version available with four times the resolution of the posted picture (too big for a web site). I also have actual 4X6 prints.

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